Thermal Eye 3600 Series Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera Core 3000087-9 w/ Free Shipping and Handling

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Thermal Eye 3600 Series Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera Core Product Info Thermal Eye 3600 Series Infrared Camera Core is a high grade device optimal for security applications. The Thermal Eye 3600 by Thermal Eye is their lightest, long wavelength infrared camera core. Utilizing Amorphous Silicon Microbolometer detector technology with 30um 160 x 120 pixel array, the Thermal-Eye 3600AS, 3620AS, 3640AS can be used in infrared surveillance cameras with excellent flexibility due to the small size and low power consumption. Be sure to see our full line of L3 thermal imagers for more devices that deliver the performance needed for security applications. Specifications for Thermal-Eye 3600 Series Camera Core: Focal Plane Array: Material, Structure & Format: Amorphous Silicon Microbolometer (160 x 120 pixel array) Spectral Response: 7-14um (filter bandwidth) Thermal Sensitivity: <50mK Refresh Rate: Available with Real-time 30Hz or 9 Hz Thermal Imaging System Performance: Start-Up Time: 2.4 seconds A±10% (@25°C) Contrast/Brightness: Automatic/Advanced Image Processing Saturation Temperature: 1100°F (600°+/-10% with automatic electronic iris Range to Detect Human Activity (3600AS): Up to 330ft (100m) Range to Detect Human Activity (3260AS): 11° FOV: Up to 1500ft (475m) 17° FOV: Up to 1000ft (305m) 32° FOV: up to 550ft (170m) Range to Detect Human Activity (3640AS): Up to 700ft (215m) Optics: Focal Length (3600AS): 5.8mm Focal Length (3620AS): 25mm; 16mm; 8.5mm Focal Length (3640AS): 11mm FOV (3600AS): ~50° x 37° FOV (3620AS): ~11° x 8°; ~17° x 12°; ~32° x 24° FOV (3640AS): ~25° x 18° Focus Method (3600AS): Manual/Temperature stabilized Focus Method (3620AS): Manual Focus Method (3640AS): Manual Video: Analog Output: NTSC (color); Real-time 30Hz Frame Rate - PAL (color; Real-time 25Hz Frame Rate Digital Output (optional): Full-resolution, 16-bits (corrected or uncorrected) or 24-bits (RGB color), plus control signals; 30Hz Frame Rate (NTSC) or 25Hz Frame Rate (PAL) Output Resolution: NTSC PAL: 768 x 574 pixels for higher clarity thermal images & symbology overlay Absolute Color: 3 OEM selectable color points are mapped to absolute temperatures Power: Input Voltage: 2 to 3.2VDC & 8to 16VDC Input Power: ~1.2W @ 25°C ambient, 3VDC Interface & Controls: Camera Setup: USB (compatible with the USB 2.0 specifications) Physical Characteristics: Weight: 2.38oz. (67.5g) Environmental Characteristics: Operating Temperature: -4°F to 185°F (-20°C to 85°C) Storage Temperature: -40°F to 221°F (-40° C to 105° C) Features of Thermal Eye Infrared Camera Core 3600, 3620, 3640: Seal-ready optics housing and optics assemblies for easy OEM integration Smaller CCA size (compared with 3500AS) for improved packaging flexibility & best-in-class <1.2W consumption Provides real-time 30Hz frame rate plus state-of-the-art thermal sensitivity and dynamic range, also available in 9 Hz models Sophisticated histogram-based image processing and 640 x 480 video output resolution for best-in-class image quality at all times Patent pending non-linear colorization allows OEMs to define multiple color set points for quick, intuitive temperature recognition Selectable real-time NTSC or full-format PAL video output Flexible OEM customization Expansion port provides access to data along video processing chain for advanced OEMs Efficient and knowledgeable integration support available Package Contents: Thermal Eye 3600 Series Infrared Camera Core 3000087-0009: Thermal Eye 3600AS, No Lens
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