Nikon M-223 Rifle Scope - 1-4x20mm Point Blank Reticle Matte

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Nikon's M-223 Rifle Scope is compact with a super wide field of view. Is compatible with Spot on Custom Turrets and provides a Point Blank reticle that’s exclusive to the M-223 1-4x20mm. The Eye Box technology offers a 4x zoom and 4” of constant eye relief. Available exclusively on the M-223 1-4x20, this reticle delivers fast, extremely accurate shots from zero out to a 200 yard “point blank range” for the .223/5.56mm 55-grain polymer tipped round. Point Blank Reticle Featuring spring-loaded Instant Zero-Reset Turrets Quick focus eyepiece 4x zoom ratio Fully multicoated optics Designed for use with Nikon’s Spot On Ballistic Match Technology
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