Leupold D-EVO Tactical Rifle Scope

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The Leupold® D-EVO (Dual Enhanced View Optic) Tactical Rifle Scope has an offset magnification tube that allows shooters to mount the scope on tactical weapons in conjunction with a reflex sight. A weapon mounted with the 6-power D-EVO and a 1x reflex sight gives shooters the ability to instantly transition from engaging targets at long range to short range without moving one's cheekweld or hand hold on the stock. The D-EVO Tactical Rifle Scope features Leupold's CMR-W DEVO illuminated reticle that allows shooters to estimate range and engage targets with great flexibility. Tic marks on the vertical stadia compensate for bullet drop, and hash marks on the horizontal stadia allow for windage or leading moving targets. Windage and elevation adjusts at 1/10th MIL clicks, allow user to sight-in with precision out to 600 yards and beyond. A machined aluminum body provides durability for years of hard use, and the D-Evo is waterproof and fogproof. Submersible up to 66 feet. Covered by Leupold's Gold Ring® Full Lifetime Guarantee. Manufacturer model #: 120322. Offset magnification tube Scope can be mounted in conjunction with a reflex sight Eliminates need to adjust cheekweld 6-power magnification CMR-W DEVO illuminated reticle Tic marks for holdover Hash marks for windage Adjusts at 1/10th MIL clicks Waterproof and fogproof Submersible up to 66 feet
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