ATN X-Sight II HD 3-14x Day & Nght Rifle Scope - HD VideoRec WiFi GPS

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The new ATN X-Sight II powered by Obsidian II Core, utilizing HD optics and the first ever HD micro-display turns this Day/Night rifle scope into a true powerhouse. The ATN X-Sight II and incorporate HD lenses, HD sensors and HD displays giving you a full HD resolution system. Turn through the wind, change your incline angle, adjust distance and instantaneously your point of impact will shift to have the perfect shot every time. When you set your video record to RAV, the system buffers everything your scope sees. As the trigger is pulled you are left with a full video of what you saw before the shot was taken, the moment of, and as much video after as you care for. Save all the Ballistic and Zeroing-in data in the profile Manager for every weapon that you plan to use the X-Sight on. Compatible Mounts: (A.R.M.S.® #17® (single lever), A.R.M.S.® #35® (double lever), LaRue LT270, American Defense (AD-170) System Resolution: 160 lp/mm Adjustment Per Pixel: 1/4" Microphone MICROSD Card: From 4-64 GB Micro USB: External Battery Pack Micro HDMI Bluetooth: 4.1 3D Gyroscope: GS7 3D Accelerometer 3D Magnetometer E-Barometer Smart Range Finder Smart Shooting Solution RAV (Recoil Activated Video) Battery Life (LI-ION) 8 - 12 hours Battery Pack (16000 MAH) LIFE (Optional): 22+hours Battery Type: 4 AA (Lithium Recommended) Dimensions: 11.56" x 3.1" x 3.4"/294 mm x 79 mm x 87 mm Two Year Warranty
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