Viridian OPMOD Omega Green Laser Sight for Rifles 981-0053 Color: Black, Beam Color: Green, Finish: Anodized, 31% Off Plus Blazin' Deal w/ Free Shipping

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Product Info for Viridian OPMOD Omega Green Laser Sight for Rifles The Viridian OPMOD Omega Green Laser Sight for Rifles is a cutting-edge firearm accessory designed to enhance the accuracy and targeting capabilities of rifles. This laser sight results from a collaboration between Viridian, a renowned firearms accessory manufacturer, and OPMOD, a brand known for its specialized gear and optics. The combination of Viridian's expertise in laser technology and OPMOD's commitment to quality has resulted in a product that has gained recognition among shooters and enthusiasts. Green laser technology ensures an obvious and bright laser beam, even in broad daylight. The green laser is easily distinguishable against various backgrounds and offers superior visibility to traditional red lasers. These Green Laser Sights feature multiple power settings, allowing the user to adjust the laser's brightness to suit different lighting conditions and shooting scenarios. This flexibility makes it adaptable for both indoor and outdoor use. The Omega Green Laser Sight has windage and elevation adjustment controls, enabling precise alignment with the rifle's point of impact. This adjustability ensures that the laser remains accurately zeroed in on the target. Built to withstand the rigors of firearm use, the Omega Green Laser Sight is crafted from high-quality materials and features a rugged design. It is water-resistant and shockproof, ensuring its reliability in various environmental conditions. The Viridian OPMOD Omega Green Laser Sight for Rifles combines cutting-edge laser technology with OPMOD's commitment to quality to deliver a high-performance firearm accessory. Whether you're a competitive shooter, law enforcement officer, or a firearms enthusiast, this laser sight can significantly enhance your targeting capabilities and accuracy. Its durable construction, adjustability, and versatility make it a valuable addition to any rifle, and the limited edition OPMOD version adds an extra touch of style to your firearm setup. OpticsPlanet is your Destination For Gear! You can also get 2% Bucks on most orders, so Shop Now! Specifications for Viridian OPMOD Omega Green Laser Sight for Rifles: Manufacturer: OPMOD Color: Black Beam Color: Green Finish: Anodized Battery Type: Lithium Rechargeable Gun Make: AR Platform Gun Model: AR-15 Fabric/Material: Rugged Allaluminum Condition: New Features of Viridian OPMOD Omega Green Laser Sight for Rifles 5mW Viridian Green laser output for the brightest laser possible Ambidextrous activation Designed for use on MSR and other tactical firearms Internal rechargeable battery with magnetic recharge connection SafeCharge rechargeable power source system included Flexible mounting system for the perfect rail fit on todays most popular firearms Rugged allaluminum construction with premium hard coat anodizing Package Contents: Viridian OPMOD Omega Green Laser Sight for Rifles SafeCharge Power Bank
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